Access Control

Providing Identification, Authentication, and Authorization to secure your facility and control the movement of people in and out of your building.  Whether your facility has one opening or thousands of openings, Trimble Security has the product and expertise to meet your needs.

Video Surveillance

Whether your priority is to protect employees, protect/prosecute against loss, or simply implement a visible deterrent to criminal activity, camera and video management systems commonly end up paying for themselves by preventing just one costly situation from occurring.

Intrusion Detection

For those all-important periods of time when there is no one onsite to protect your building, let us take care of monitoring and protecting your building for you!

Wireless Locking & Key Replacement Solutions

Our culture of rapidly improving technology has finally made it unnecessary to have to run a wire to each door that a customer would like electronically controlled. This is also rapidly making brass keys obsolete, as it is almost impossible to properly manage them on a large scale. Whether you simply want to implement access control cards/keyfobs, or if you need to manage an entire campus on one smart credential, the technology is now available to completely eliminate brass key systems if you choose!

Perimeter Lighting

The fence line is the FIRST line of defense for any facility.  Since most intrusions occur under cover of darkness, adding low-cost/low-power perimeter lighting is an essential part of every security plan.

Audio/Video Intercom Solutions

Whether you work in an office, educational, healthcare, or any other environment, good communication is key to success. The same concept applies to securing your workplace; having the ability to communicate from within your location and make a decision on allowing access from outside is a key part of properly managing the security of your area!

Emergency Communications and Mass Notification Systems

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, having a dedicated, easy-to-use communications portal can be the difference between a bad situation and a tragic one. Whether your campus needs broadcast-only capability, or complete two-way communications capabilities, Trimble Security can discuss and offer the best solution to meet your needs.