Camera & Video Systems

Everyone could use an extra set of eyes. Our video surveillance and intelligent CCTV systems are ready to keep watch at your business, buildings, or facilities.


TSI is Your One-Stop Solution for Hardware & Software Integration

Security is rarely a single issue of cameras, locks, or automated monitors. At Trimble Security Integrations, our in-house locksmiths and experienced security professionals are ready to provide a comprehensive solution, no matter your concern.

We hire only experienced industry veterans with longer-than-average to provide the best service to our customers.

How Our Camera & Video Surveillance Systems Can Ensure Safer Environment

Remote Security Support
Our Video Surveillance Systems help you see what is happening in your business without being tied to a single location. You can easily monitor assets and have an easy view of all your business premises to quickly spot threats from any angle. Whether your concern is trespassers or staff misuse, proper surveillance protects your interests.

Threat Alerts
Technology can quickly sound the alarm to present danger. Special software can utilize traffic zone recognition, vehicle identification, foot traffic management, and other smart solutions. Our Video Surveillance Systems are modern, highly responsive, and alert to any security threat. They can immediately raise the alert and enable you to act BEFORE damage is done.

Evidence Capture and Storage
If the unfortunate occurs and your business does suffer a security breach, how do can you identify the culprit(s)? Our Surveillance Systems record and store video footage for later review. Footage may be stored onsite or in the cloud, for an appropriate period, with easy access from anywhere.

Loitering Detection & More...

A video system is no longer simply a means to archive illicit activity – to see how bad things happened too long after the fact. 

Intelligent Audio Analytics

Cameras and software now have the intelligence to look for potential problems and provide notification to key personnel in real-time. Prevent, don’t lament! Watch the video to learn more.

Brands We Use in our Camera & Video Surveillance Systems

At Trimble Security Integrations, we use top-quality products to ensure you get the most out of your Video Surveillance System. Our trusted brands include:



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