Professional Access Control Systems

Do you want to boost security on your commercial premises by installing an access controls system? Trimble Security Integrations have got you covered. We are a regional security systems company that provides custom-designed security solutions to businesses in East Tennessee, Knoxville, and the surrounding counties, as well as all counties from Knoxville to Chattanooga.

TSI is Your One-Stop Solution for Hardware & Software Integration

At Trimble Security Integrations, we are distinctively qualified to deliver smart and reliable integrated solutions because we uniquely provide both physical and technological security solutions. The capability to offer both installations under one roof makes us your one-stop-shop for all your business security concerns.


Our team is comprised of experienced staff who have been in the industry long enough to understand what works best. When you hire us to install access controls in your business, you can be sure you will get outstanding services and flawless solutions.

Take Control of Who, Where, and When – now more than ever!

With our flexible access control solutions, we can provide the right hardware and software for your organization to take control of, or provide valuable managed solutions that take the burden off of your team, while providing excellent availability and support to manage your system.



What Access Controls Can Do for Your Business

Access controls can benefit any business in the following ways:

Protect Your Space
Are you using the old lock and key locking system in your business? Trimble Security Integrations can help you to implement modern access controls that are more reliable and safer.

Create a Trail
Had a breach? Someone went where they shouldn’t? Proper access control systems allow only authorized personnel and create a trail if something does go awry, making resolution far easier.

Save Time & Money
When you install modern access controls, you save valuable time and money from replacing expensive locking systems whenever there is a change of employees. Remote controls let you control the flow from anywhere.

Access Controls Solutions We Deploy

Access Control Manager (ACM). Enhanced security and surveillance in your business allows you to create access event rules, grant door access, and perform identity verification

Access Control Manager (ACM) Appliances. Can allow connecting of cameras to doors and add ACM events rules.

Access Control Manager (ACM) Embedded Controllers. Allow configuration and control of local access control security system via a web browser

Open-Platform Hardware. These are a variety of hardware components used in enforcing access control such as Cards & Readers.


Our Trusted Brands:


Why TSI is Your Trusted Partner for Access Controls

Extraordinary Customer Service - At Trimble Security Integrations, everything we do is customer-oriented. We understand that our customers are among the greatest assets we have as a company. Each customer is routinely given direct access to service techs’ cell numbers and enjoy fast response times. In this and many other ways, we strive to give you the best experience from the moment you contact us through to design, installation, and support.

Customized Services - Our access control services are not one-size-fits-all. We design a custom solution to meet the specific need and budget of each customer.

Quality Personnel - Here at Trimble Security Integrations, we have competent, experienced, and highly professional staff. We understand the difference that good people and experience make, and routinely hire only technicians with above-average experience.

Excellent Solutions – We’re here to support you with equipment we can stand behind. Our solutions are hand-picked from the best in the industry and offering serviceable solutions at every price point.

Flexible and Open Infrastructure - Our equipment is sourced from the best brands in the industry, allowing us to cater to every budget without compromise to the quality of our services and solutions.

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